Other Household Recyclables

Although Richland Township’s recycling program is limited to certain items, just about everything else may be recycled!  Proper disposal of these items will keep them out of our landfills. 

The Cambria County Commissioners have an office for Solid Waste Management known as the Cambria County Solid Waste Authority.  Please contact them at (814) 472-2109 (Ebensburg) or visit their website at www.cambriarecycles.org

Listed Below Are Some of The Items that Are Currently Being Recycled:

Automotive (whole; batteries)
Motor Oil
Other Fluids

Batteries (Li, NiCad and Rechargeables, Powertool Batteries)
  *Alkaline must be thrown in the trash.

    *Household Cleaners
    *Industrial Chemicals
    *Latex Paint
    *Oil-based Paint
    *Varnish, Thinners, Etc.

Compressed Gas
    *Larger Propane Tanks
    *Smaller Propane Tanks

Grocery Bags – Return To Store For Recycling

   * Junk Mail
   * Phone Books